Amazing truth of the JFK assassination case

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Since it was a content that I had never seen before, I will translate the machine as a memo.

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Amazing truth of the JFK assassination case

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Amazing truth of the JFK assassination case

President Kennedy’s assassination case in 1963

The Warren Committee (1964), which was set up by President Kennedy’s successor, Lindon B. Johnson, to investigate the assassination case, was young and popular despite the fact that it was contrary to this. Almost many people thought that the assassination of the president was not a single crime but a conspiracy result.

This case has been various speculation since then.

The assassination recording collection method requires the National Archives to publish all related documents within 25 years.

U.S. President Donald Trump has declared its release, as the remaining unreleased documents are approaching October 26, 2017.

However, as a last minute, the White House flooded the CIA and FBI to re -edit hundreds of documents for national security.

In order to disclose the information that had been secretly confidentially, it was taken as much as possible, believing that removing the government’s secret veil in the assassination case would be public.

However, several decades have passed since the incident and survey, the speculation and conspiracy theory remain strong.

As the conspiracy theorists and investigators know, the famous researchers of the Jesuits know that the Vatican had a significant effect on the assassination of Kennedy.

The author, Loftus, claims that Kennedy wanted to armed Israel in the book, The Secret War on the Jews, published in 1994.

In September 1962, Kennedy decided to provide a defensive land -to -air missile that could stop aircraft in Israel, but did not provide Egyptian attack missiles.

This is the first example of the US government sold weapons to Israel ….

Kennedy promised to Israelites to “shred and scatter the CIA in the wind” as soon as the 1964 election was over …

Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963 has lost his best friend in the White House since Truman left.

Why did the Vatican Jesuits hate selling weapons to Israel at the time?

Also, in 1967, when the Egyptian army went in the Sinai Desert to prepare an attack on Israel, why did Johnson, who was dominated by the Jesuits, turned his back to Israel?

Because the attack on Israel had to be provoked.

The attack was provocated by the International Intelligence of the Jesuits through Egypt, misleading the Israeli army and the US Empire’s abandonment of Israel.

The main purpose of the 6 -day war planned by Malta’s knight James Angleton was the conquest of Jerusalem and the mountains of the temple.

Egypt has launched an attack in anticipation of Israel’s military shortage.

Israel made a first strike, and six days later, the sacred place crossed the Roman Zionist leader.

If Kennedy had armed Israel, the Egyptians would not have the courage to war.

Without the provocated war, there would have been no Israeli attack.

Without Israeli attacks, Jerusalem would not have been robbed by Zionist, who was dominated by the Jesus Mosado.

If Jerusalem crossed the Arabs, the Zionist would not have been able to rebuild the Solomon temple, and could not be able to do it without the knowledge of the Pope of the Jesuits with “infalla”.

Most of the philosophy of the Jesuits is based on the doctrine, The End Justifies The Means (the purpose is justified), and is expressed as follows.

“The Pope has the right to abdicate heretics and the rebellion king.”

The king, who has been abandoned by the Pope, may be classified as a notorious tyrant and is killed by the first person who can trap them.

It is legal for the first person to kill him if his public purpose is not protected by the death of a tyrant.

It is published in “Defensio Didei” by Francisco Suarez (1548-1617), Spain.

In other words, “killing a repression person is allowed.”

It can be said that the Gray and Black Pope General Jesuits ordered President John F. Kennedy in 1963 to use the white pope with the most power of the US Empire. 。

Cardinal “American Pope” who commanded the soldier Malta Knights and supervised the assassination.

President Kennedy was assassinated. Therefore, it was clear that the CIA and his agent E. Howard Hunt had killed the President.

Introducing the words of Leslie Armstrong, a jury spokesman who participated in Plausible Rejection.

“Mr. Lane demanded us very difficult. John Kennedy believes that he was killed by the government of our country. After verifying evidence (for 65 minutes), we are really CIA. I had to conclude that I had killed President Kennedy. “Hunt was a member of that, and the evidence was carefully presented and verified by the US government related organizations, as the assassin’s responsible person was judged. be.

It is known that Kennedy’s assassination was involved in some Knights of Malta.

In particular, they worked for the FBI.

However, the most notable knight was Senator Edward Kennedy, and he agreed to kill his brother by silence.

The incident may have driven an eternal Massachusetts of Senator into a destructive life of alcoholism.

Finally, it was known that the mafia was involved in the killing of Kennedy.

The Mafia, CIA, FBI, and Navy Information Department had a cooperative relationship during World War II.

Jack Ruby is a mafia, and writer David E. Sham has revealed in his book, Contract On America, that Mafia had at least two motivations for killing Kennedy.

In other words, the Kennedy brothers attacked organizational crime and lost the Mafia gambling hall in Cuba.

But these were not the reasons for participation.

The Mafia Don was promised to make more money than Havana casinos.

It was due to the explosive increase in international drug trading, which became possible by the Vietnam War and later the Afghanistan War.

With Kennedy’s losing his legs, Johnson will escalate the Vietnam War and promote drug trading.

The CIA brings drugs from the golden triangle, distributing it to the mafia family, allowing everyone to benefit.

More importantly, the mafia organization had to give back.

This is because Cardinal Sperman arranged “Lucky” Luciano’s release, as described in the “Dark Town Strategy” through the FDR.

Now, the mafia needed a request from the Cardinal.

If Sperman refuses, they can mobilize all the intelligence agencies in which they cooperate in organizing and kill all mafia bosses.

If Sperman agrees, a new gambling center will open around Atlantic City.

Without President Kennedy, everyone can get power and wealth.

The intelligence agency will be safer and the Cardinal will be more respected by the Roman friends.


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That’s it.

As Mr. LJ said, Tora was the Knights of Temple, and based on the Knights 코인카지노 of Temple, the Knights of the Temple, a monk knights born to secure the sacred place Israel.

Also, LJ said that the blonde woman would be at the top next, but maybe he may be relatively related to JFK.

Even if Tora returns, she seems to touch her baton.

And Tora supports him behind.

Thank you for the information m (_ _) m

Then again!

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Meleagan: The strongest knight who has been preparing for the throne. He was engaged to 온라인슬롯머신검증사이트 Ginevia, but his throne and his fiance were robbed by Arthur. He burns angry and defeats Arthur and tries to regain Ginevia.

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Ginevia: A knight’s daughter invaded by Meleagun. Meleagun’s fiancee. She goes to help and she falls in love at a glance.

Lancelot: Young people who are sincere and martial arts. She comes to swear loyalty to Arthur, but she meets Ginevia and falls in love without knowing her future queen.

Others: Morin (Wizard), Kay (Arthur’s Brothers), Leia (Morgan’s minions), wolf & deer (spirit to protect Arthur)


Act 1.

The King Youther has died, and the Britain kingdom is exposed to Saxon attacks. When the magician Morin asks the dragon for help, he says that if his son Arthur becomes the right king, the kingdom will be saved.

The next king is the one who pulled out the legendary sword exkaliver from the rock. Meleaguns who won the battle gave a chance to pull out the sword, but the sword is not a bik.

Arthur, prompted by Molin, pulls out Excalibar and becomes the king. Meleaguns, who have been deprived of the throne and later, vow for revenge and revenge.

Ginevia falls in love with Arthur who went to help her.

When Ginevia comes to Arthur’s castle, Morgan, who appears as her narrative, talks about the secret of Arthur’s birth and lives in the castle.

Morgan, who turns into Ginevia with her magic, is pregnant with Arthur and predicts that her son will be driven down and killed by her son. Arthur suffers.