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The day I was expelled from Macau

Episode 13

Casino, gambling, hotel, and ….

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Current writing

Macau, old memories of Portugal

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Episode 11 Macau, Portuguese’s old memories

Hong Kong’s impressive space (5-5)

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■ The sad memories of the source (7 HK, Macau-28)

A story about 14 years of memory of overseas work

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Hong Kong, Macau

And remember in other cities ……

Hong Kong, Macau

28. Macau, old memories of Portugal

Since 1949, the Korean government’s capital ‘Seoul’ has been called ‘Seoul Metropolitan City’ under the name ‘Special City’. However, there is a city called ‘special administrative district’ in China, and even though there is no difference between Chinese and Korean, the special administrative districts in China are surprisingly, even though there is no difference between Chinese and Korean. It was Hong Kong and Macau. In China, the special administrative district is the only two cities.

Photo) Hong Kong and Macau passport with the official name of ‘Special Administrative Region’

The reason for applying the word ‘special’ only to these two cities, not the capital in China, was because the two cities were in the territory of China, a socialist state, and the capitalist system was applied.

Hong Kong and Macau, who had been separated from China for hundreds of years and enjoyed the capitalist economy and political system for hundreds of years of colonies between England and Portugal, were finalized to be returned to socialist state China in 1997 and 1999, respectively. However, residents of Hong Kong and Macau had to be concerned about the chaos of political and economic systems, which could be caused by a sudden transition from capitalist to socialist system, and China to appease such residents in China exceptional policies for the two regions. I decided to apply it, which was the policy of ‘一 國 兩’.

The nation’s scheme literally means ‘two countries’, but China was a socialist state, but only for Hong Kong and Macau alone, even after the two cities were returned to China for the next 50 years, maintaining the existing capitalist economic system for the next 50 years. It was a promise to guarantee a very high level of autonomy.

Hong Kong and Macau had to be a special administrative district because they were in a socialist state and the capitalist system was applied. Eventually, the two cities of Hong Kong and Macau were a special colony of European families that remained in China for a long time and returned to China.

The Macau Retail Market, which is visited by tens of millions of tourists every year, was never a small market, but it was not enough enough to operate an independent separate corporation, so I also managed to serve a nearby Macau market in Hong Kong subsidiary. there was.

The mainland Guangzhou subsidiary, which was in charge of Zhongshan City next to Macau, is a little closer to Macau in the distance, but according to the one -country Yangje policy as described above, Macau is different from the mainland of China. Therefore, the Hong Kong subsidiary, which was under the same capitalist system, was in charge of the Macau market.

In fact, Macau was not far from being able to arrive in Hong Kong in Hong Kong in an hour, and both areas also used the same Cantonese. However, in addition, the two cities have been in common with a long time under the capitalist economic system, so they were very closely related to economic and human exchanges. For example, residents with Hong Kong’s permanent residency have been able to travel freely at any time if they have only Hong Kong ID cards similar to Korea’s resident registration card without any additional documents such as passports.

On the other hand, even though there was a Hong Kong ID card, ID cards, who had no permanent residence, had to bring a separate passport to enter Macau. Nevertheless, in the case of mainland China, it was not very uncomfortable because Macau could enter the country at any time without any additional documents such as visa, such as a visa.

If you work in a corporate office and have something to go to Macau, you just took out your passport in the office desk drawer and took your boat. It was about 20 minutes from the corporation to the Ferry Terminal and about 1 hour from the terminal to the Macau, so it was enough to get to Macau in my position.

Photo) Macau and Exploration Stamp on the passport. It is written in three languages: Portuguese, English and Chinese.

Macau was often visited because it was so close to this. But I didn’t go to travel or sightseeing, so I didn’t go to many places besides a few places. There were some sites that introduce 36 attractions to visit Macau on the Internet.

https://www.google.com/amp/s/traveltriangle.com/blog/places-to-visit- in-macau/amp/

The area of ​​Hong Kong is 1,106 square kilometers, which is much larger than Seoul’s area of ​​605 km2, which is almost twice as much. Macau, on the other hand, has a small area of ​​about 32 km2, which is similar to the area of ​​Songpa -gu, Seoul. The population is about 7.5 million, which is more than 7.5 million, which is more than any other small and medium -sized countries in Europe such as Finland, Norway, Bulgaria, and Romania, while Macau is only 660,000, which is similar to one district of Songpa -gu, Seoul.

But even though it was only 660,000, Macau was never a small market. This was the same with Hong Kong, but Macau was also a Chinese -centered Chinese tourist every year, so every year, Macau came to Macau, which is famous for gambling and duty -free goods, and consumed a lot of consumption.

After the Corona crisis, about 30 to 40 million tourists visited Macau with a population of 660,000. About 70% of these tourists, or about 20 million, were from mainland China, and they spent significant amounts of money from Macau to buy gifts for Chinese acquaintances in addition to gambling or duty -free shopping. After that, he used to go back to China.

If you think that tens of thousands of Chinese people flock to the very narrow area of ​​Songpa -gu, not the whole of Seoul, you can easily imagine how much sales of shops and hotels in Songpa -gu will increase. For this reason, Macau was a small area of ​​660,000 people, but the market demand of some products was never small compared to the country with a population of more than 30 million.



Of course, no matter how many tourists come, they would have rarely bought large products such as cars and refrigerators from Macau and took them from China. However, Macau’s market demand was never small because the Chinese people, such as the iPhone, or the Japanese DSLR cameras, were able to return by hand. And that’s why Macau market was also a very important market for our corporation.

In a joke, Chinese tourists stopped by the store, saw hundreds of clothes on display, and designated three or four branches. I often heard that I said in Korea. However, I have already heard such words in Hong Kong and Macau. Especially in the case of Macau, most of the Chinese who visited Macau were the rich people who visited Macau, and the Chinese rich people who came to Macau to gambling were much larger than ordinary tourists.

However, it was such an important Macau market, but in the early days of the 2009 Hong Kong corporation, Macau was rarely visited. Because in those days, even in Hong Kong, it was urgent to increase sales in the Hong Kong market. In the end, he could only visit Macau once or twice a year for a year or two in the early days of his appointment.

However, since 2011, when the problem of Hong Kong has been arranged and sales have increased rapidly, the market share of the core product of our subsidiary has reached 50%, and in 2011, it is no longer easy to increase sales in Hong Kong, so it is concentrated in the Macau market in earnest in earnest. So we focused on expanding sales of Macau market.

In addition, in the sense that such preparations for the Macau market are newly established, they reflect the proportion of Macau sales in the sales personnel evaluation. In addition, when a former executive of the corporation gathered to discuss the next year’s strategy, the place was set as Macau and held a meeting in Macau. It is a discussion of the Hong Kong and Macau sales strategy of Hong Kong. There are so many hotels in Hong Kong, but I told you to go to Macau to have a strategic meeting.

However, even if it was forced to be interested in the Macau market, the sales of Macau in that year increased significantly, and the overall sales of corporations also achieved exceeding the goal even though they had a fairly motivated goal. In addition, the profit margin of the branch office was also achieved to achieve nearly 50% of sales. If you sell 100 won, 40 ~ 50 won was profitable.

Photo) The 2012 Strategic Meeting of a Corporation held in Macau


In this way, Macau, which has been in full swing, has hired only Macau in Macau, which has no dedicated sales personnel and official RETAIL lines, and secured three or four trading lines with Retail distribution network in Macau to secure a corporation with a corporation After signing a contract, the product began to supply in earnest.

In addition, unlike myself from myself, I visited Macau at least once a month to see the market situation and meet the trading lines. It was also operated in Macau in three or four places.

At that time, I remember that I was wandering around Macau’s streets to see the stores of the Brand Shop selections while encountering Korean tourists who passed by the hot sun of Macau. The picture below is a picture when I wander, but it was a time when I was forced to live in the corporation’s performance, so I saw all of my facial expressions in the picture. It feels like you’re looking at the old ‘Ugly Three Brothers’ dolls that appeared in the TV drama ‘Reply 1988’, which was once popular.

Photo) When I went to see the staff and Macau Brand Shop. The right end of the right end is St. It was taken in front of the paul cathedral, but there are so many crowds. (October 2013)


Macau was a city that was visited in earnest after more than a year of corporation. . I couldn’t just cut it in Hong Kong, but I felt like a British atmosphere was soaked everywhere, but it seemed similar to it.

It may be so natural that Hong Kong has been dominated by British for 155 years, but Macau feels that feeling considering that Macau has lived for 442 years. Both Spain and Portugal are also called Latin countries, and the two countries, which have been divided into Latin America for a long time, have left the Latin atmosphere in Latin America in the old Portugal East Asian colonial Macau.

Now, it has fallen into a small and medium -sized country of about 10 million, but in fact, Portugal was once one of the strongest countries that had its own overseas territory throughout the world, including the vast Brazilians of the South American continent, India, Africa, and Asia. Magalhães, who actually proved that the earth was rounded by the first voyage that turned around the earth, and Vasco da Gama, who first pioneered the route to India through Hope Peaks, all at the time. I was from Portugal.


Portugal, who had such a vast colony, had a eastern trade base in the south of China, which was Macau. Of course, Macau officially became a Portuguese colony since 1887, 45 years later than in 1842, when Hong Kong became a British colony.

However, the Portuguese lived collectively in Macau since the time of the Ming Dynasty in the 1500s. Already in 1557, the Portuguese were officially recognized for paying a kind of rent to the Ming dynasty and living collectively in Macau.

As a result, the Portuguese lived in Macau had been nearly 45 years old, and in the meantime, China has been changed three times to the People’s Republic of China through the Qing Dynasty in the Ming Dynasty. Macau was a Portuguese old East and a base.



1. https://www.pinterest.at/pin/327354666665551004/

2. https://wellComecollection.org/works?query=%22macau+%28china%29%22

It was in 1592 that the Imjin War, which was considered a too old event, was considered, and it was 35 years earlier that the Portuguese had lived in Macau since 1557. It seems to make sense.

Unfortunately, their long history has appeared in the records related to the Imjin War we have experienced. It was also Portuguese to deliver the manufacturing technology of the Japanese military gun, which was a horror weapon, and the records of a bride, a Portuguese who witnessed the war in war.

Portugal, which had a base in Macau, has been very deeply related to not only China but also Japan and Korea, but also has been proved once again in the history of Imjin War.



Hong Kong is labeled as 온라인카지노 ” in Chinese characters, and the pronunciation is ‘Xianggang’. However, no country called ‘Hong Kong’ is called ‘Shanggang’ anywhere in the world. This is because the pronunciation of ‘香’ in the Hong Kong language, Guangdong Fish, was ‘Hongkong’, which was known to the official name of Hong Kong as it became known all over the world before the standard language pronunciation.

However, the name of the nearby Macau, which uses Cantonese, was completely different from Hong Kong. Macau is written in Chinese as ‘澳 澳’ and the standard pronunciation is ‘Aomen’. In addition, even if pronunciation is pronounced as a local fish, the two pronunciations are not much different from each other. However, the worldwide place was called Macau (Macao). Compared to any Chinese standard pronunciation or Cantonese pronunciation, it is called a completely different name that is not similar.

Eventually, the wrong name without roots has become the official name of Macau, and there is an interesting story in this background. In other words, when the Portuguese people first came to Macau for the first time in the mid -16th century, they asked the Chinese where it was. It was misunderstood as ‘MA KOK’, a pronounced pronunciation of ‘媽 媽’, and it was said to have been solidified by Macau’s name as the Portuguese accepted it as the name of the area.

Photo) Macau’s ‘Malgak’ shrine main gate. In the mid -1500s, where the Portuguese asked where it was, where was there. (January 2011)

https://fanyi.baidu.com/translate?aldtype=16047&Query=%E6%BE %E9%9%920%80&keyfrom=BAIDU & SKESult 80

https://fanyi.baidu.com/translate?aldtype=16047&Query=%E5%AA%BD%E9%96%A3 & SKEYFROM=BAIDU & SKEYFROM A3

Macau is also marked with two different spells: Macau and Macao in alphabets. However, in countries where English is the native language, it is often marked as macao, so both expressions are considered to be correct.


Macau’s official language is Chinese and Portuguese. However, unlike the Hong Kong people who have been used for a long time in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong people have been returned to China for more than 20 years, Portuguese has been the official language of Macau for too long. It was hard to see the Chinese people who used Portuguese.

There is also an analysis that only 2% of Macau residents can use Portuguese, but recently, there are many places where even schools do not educate Portuguese. However, since Portuguese is a public language, the road signs of the street road signs have always been marked with Portuguese in addition to Chinese, as shown in the picture below.

Photo) Road signs of Macau Street. In addition to Chinese, Portuguese names are also marked. (January 2011)

First Photo Name: Travessa Dos Faitiões,

Second Photo Name: Patio da Claridade



In addition to the road signs on the street, there were other things in Macau, where they could see the old traces of Portugal, which were quite old European buildings that the Portuguese have been built since the 1500s. One of the most representative of them is, of course, the Saint Paul Cathedral, which is shown in the photo below, which was completed in 1602 and completed in 1640, so its history is nearly 400 years old. . However, this huge cathedral was lost in 1835, and most of the buildings were lost, and now only the front part of the building remains as shown in the picture below.

Photo) Saint. PAUL Cathedral building front appearance (January 2011)

On the other hand, if the cathedral’s English name Saint Paul is written as the original Portuguese, it becomes ‘São Paulo’. The interesting thing is that this name is the same as the largest Brazilian city of 12 million in Brazil. The same is because the two names are named after the Brazilian cities and this cathedral, named after the early Christian saint ‘The Apostle Paul’, which is translated into Paul.

In other words, São, a word that means a saint in Portuguese, is written in English in English, Paulo (Paulu) is Paul in English, and São Paulo is Saint (ST.) It was translated into Paul and this translated English name became known worldwide. In short, ‘Sang Paulu’, ‘St. Paul’ and ‘Apostle Paul’ are all the same meanings.

St. There was also a beautiful plaza called Senado, which is also as famous as this cathedral. The plaza also began to be formed in the 1500s, and at the end of the square, there was a similar building called ‘Leal Senado’, so it was also called Senado Square after such a name.

Portuguese ‘Senado’ means ‘SENATE’, which means the Senate or Senate in English, and its etymology is the same word, and ‘Leal’ is loyal. In the end, this building was a building that means ‘loyal parliament’.

Photo) Photo taken at Senado Square (July 2013, July, 2010)



Macau is composed of Kotai, which is a reclaimed Kotai between Macau Peninsula, Taipa Island, Coloine Island, and two islands. In the Macau Peninsula, where the Portuguese lived most, there were many old European buildings. The typical Portuguese style building shown in the picture below was a restaurant where you went to eat with your acquaintances. The restaurant also appeared in the film thieves.

Photo) Restaurant building of Portugu Styles (May 2014)


The memory of what food you ate at this restaurant is no longer left. However, the beautiful mood and leisure of the southern country city of Macau, which had a small square in the center on the old stone floor, still remains in memory. I may have another chance to go to Macau again, but if I have a chance, I hope to go back to the space in the picture someday and enjoy a nice meal with a glass of wine as it was in summer about seven years ago.

And if you eat again here, you can have a much more relaxed and romantic meal than those who seemed to be chased by sales and losses. It’s been a long time since I’ve been listening to songs like the old Portuguese song Barco Negro with a sweet but sad lyrics that were quite popular in Korea.