Dubai is really good. Seoul is forgotten

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Dubai’s 1st day of Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa Observation Deck

After arriving at the hotel at 6 o’clock on June 7, I checked in and ate breakfast, and then I briefly went to Dubai Mall in front of the hotel. The country doesn’t know when people will come to Dubai again, but they can’t spend a minute. The time difference was only five hours different, so I wasn’t tired at all.

Pakistan’s boss will come to Dubai on the 7th, so I had a break like honey.

Before the departure of Dubai, I bought a ticket on the Internet on the Internet at 3:30 pm on the Internet.

Dubai’s weather in June is very humid and hot.

The midday temperature goes back and forth between 38 and 43 degrees, so you have to work at the hotel during the day or enter the room. It was so hot that there was no worm or a common mosquito. Instead, there are few tourists because of the low season, and the hotel I am currently staying can be booked at a lower price than the peak season.

Dubai Mall is connected to the subway station (the name of the subway station is Dubai Mall), and the escalator is a structure that allows tourists to move less and move. The impression of traveling to Dubai a few days was impressive that all convenience facilities focused on customers and tourists.

I wonder how it would have built this scale on the desert.

In the past, it was a water bottle made of sheepskin because of the lack of water. But now it is Dubai that is more water than any other country. Fountain shows and huge aquariums are easily found in famous shopping malls or hotels.

Dubai looks cloudy because of the sand breeze.

This doesn’t mean that when you walk outside, sand is in your eyes. The view is just a bit frustrating. I took three hours before I went up to the 124th floor of Burz Khalifa, so I visited Dubai Mall here and there. For reference, all luxury halls are all in Dubai Mall, and all of the supermarkets we saw in the UK are also here. If there is something unique, I tried to buy a souvenir, but it is all expensive. Nowadays, I fell in love with aromatherapy, and I bought only a few goats soaps that were lemon oil, tea tree oil and 50% off.

In June, it was not as crowded as it was to go up to the Dubai Digsawi.

Lotte Tower Observatory has also been up twice, but there was no big inspiration as I expected. However, if you go up to the 124th floor of Burz Khalifa, you can see Dubai at a glance. The observatory is much larger than the Lotte Tower, and if you are interested in architecture, it is fun to see the buildings built in various ways.

Jamsil Lotte is a flat -structure shopping mall that the interior is just an indoors. It is huge enough to compare with Jamsil Lotte. If you don’t enjoy shopping, take an escalator everywhere and climb from the basement to the top. There are also customer centers everywhere, so you can easily find the way. There is really a quick service and kindness that Seoul will be forgotten, and I was nervous about whether Seoul was behind Dubai.

You should find the entrance to the Burj Khalifa Observatory on the LG floor of Dubai Mall.

It’s 3:30, but if you wander in Dubai Mall, you may be late for a long time. Even though I had already purchased the Burj Khalifa Observatory ticket in Korea, I had to line up with people who bought tickets in the field. (It was a system that wasn’t like Dubai)

In order to climb the 124th floor of Burz Khalifa, he waited for 더존카지노 20 minutes in the basement of Burz Khalifa.

The process of built from the early days of the Burj Khalifa was explained with pictures all over the place, so when I read it one by one, the time went quickly. If you climb on the 124th floor at the high speed of your ears in the elevator, you can see Dubai at a glance.

After seeing the 124th and 125th floor observation decks of Burz Khalifa, they returned to the hotel.

I just sent a certified shot to Burz Khalifa to the boss who had just left in Pakistan and prepared a schedule for tomorrow.

The hotel service currently staying is the best of the places I have experienced so far.

After working in the room, the staff will come in the middle after cleaning and check if there is anything necessary. Please care not to interfere with work, and take care of chocolate with plenty of chopped almonds to not fall in the middle. And I don’t know if I see a trash can drink 2 ~ 3 bottles of water while I am half body bath, but I fill 8 bottles of bottles+@ every day.

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