Even though it is not the mountain of the past, it is still in the place ‘Hambaeksan’

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Hwahwajae, Manhangjae, Taebaeksan National Park, Sabuk, Kohan, Gangwon -do, Ink Painting


‘Hambaeksan’ is remembered as a difficult mountain in my head.

However, today, it starts on the middle chin ridge by car, but it will start with ‘Hwahwajae’.

In April -June, we prepare in ‘Manhangjae Wildflower Park’, which is beautiful as a spring wildflower flower, and walks down 100 meters and walks on the white eye ridge of ‘Taebaeksan National Park’.

I thought it was not so deep that I thought it was easy, I walked, and I squeezed it, and I fell asleep and put it on Eisen.

It’s a good idea to walk with safety equipment because it falls down on your eyes.

I walked for about an hour.

When the road came out of the mountain, the Mac was a bit out of the Mac, but there were quite a few people who started hiking there.

There, he walks through the mountain road through the door of the castle of ‘Hambaeksan’.

The person who had advanced turned the radio loudly and waited for the first time to go.

In the mountains, music is ‘Wind Sound’ and ‘Sae Sori’.

If you want to listen to music in the mountains, please listen to the earphones alone.

The mountain has a short stiffness from the left and right, so I felt like walking through Gwangju Mudeungsan.

Mudeungsan Jokrit is taller, but overall, it is a meat mountain, and only the top is located at the top. However, since we are hiking in Gangwon -do, we should say that Mudeungsan looks like Hambaeksan. Ahem

Anyway, it is a sunny place, so you can walk to the top with the soil roads and eyes. However, it is not a mountain with snow, but a heavy black mountain.

On the right, the ‘wind turbine’ is lined up, and many mountains that are over 1000 meters away are endlessly connected.

There is no ‘high school’ I saw before, but the weather is clear.

Climb to the summit and take a picture at the top, and the picture is batched by the wind.

While the brother who went with him avoided the wind for a while, he settled to sketch.

At the same time, the soldiers were warm when they rode Cocoa and presented them to hikers.

As you follow the ink because you don’t have time, you turn into ice in less than 10 seconds.

The fingers are freezing and there is no sense, so it is captured with three brushes.

Hassan, as always, makes it quick and entertaining.

It is time to thank Earth’s gravity.

I go down the mountain, clean up the equipment, and go down the road that I walked in the past.

As you go there, ‘Manhang Village’ comes out, and ‘Gohan’ and ‘Sabuk’ come out in succession.

On the road, it is not a city of ‘Gohan’ and ‘Sabuk’, but rather a hidden hidden city in the valley with huge accommodations.

‘High One Ski Resort’ and ‘Casino’ seem to feed 코인카지노 this neighborhood.

I like the day, and the gold hair of ‘Mindongsan’, which I went to the day before, is visible at a glance, and it is high enough to feel more than 1000 meters high.

There are many mountains of tall in Gangwon -do, so it does not seem to make a name for 1000 meters.

He leaves the mountains of the giant and runs to his hometown with small mountains.

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