Gangwon -do ‘Mindongsan’

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Nationwide 5 billion new colony, Mindongsan station, Balgukdeok, Taebaek, Sabuk, Gohan, Ink Painting

In order to go to Seoul and Mindongsan, I get information and go to the toilet and go to Mindongsan Station.

Lightly eat breakfast in the car, and move to Jeungsan Elementary School to start hiking.

The day is cloudy, but the changing sky is fun.

The initial road seems to be inclined and hard, but it is not very difficult because it is meat mountain.

In ‘Shirubong’, the short road and the short road of the gentle road are selected, and it feels as if the climbing Jeju is climbing.

When you arrive at the shelter, you will see the closed shops and forest roads.

As I climb to the mountain, I feel the height of the pine is getting lower.

‘Mindongsan’ is a high mountain of 1118 meters, which is more than 1000 kilometers above sea level, which seems to be unparalleled but hard to go from Seoul.

The pine trees are not visible to some extent, and the cool Mindongsan station is the beginning of the feast of gold pampas grass along with the prospect of Jeungsan -ri.

It is like a huge ranch and a climb of Jeju.

As you enjoy the sampafish and changing sky, clouds, and the sunlight pouring out, the pampas grass that blends with your eyes look more golden.

As I climbed to the top, I looked at the village and the mountain, and looked at the back. Sketch like croquis for about 10 minutes to avoid the cold wind.

After finishing the sketch, you 크레이지슬롯 can go down the hills that have a slope.

Go down, take pictures of the sky, go down the hill again, and go down in the direction of ‘Balgukdeok’ with eight Dolly.

It is a little suspicious because it is the road to ‘Bokguduk’, and the milestone in the direction of Jeungsan Elementary School appears and defeats the right side with confidence.

The road is divided again, and it is divided into the road that goes down to ‘Jeungsan Elementary School’ and the shelter that has passed earlier.

There, I want to go down to Imdo -gil because I want to go down the road that is named ‘gentle road’.

Limdo -gil is like a forest trail and can go.

Walk slowly and arrive at Jeungsan Elementary School.

From there, move to ‘Taebaek’. The cities you see as you go are the coal mining villages of Gangwon -do, such as ‘Gohan’ and ‘Sabuk’, which were a coal mining village, but now it is transformed into a village of skiing and casino, and is full of beautiful light buildings.

Arriving at ‘Taebaeksan Guest Village’ operated by Taebaeksan National Park Management Corporation, he eats a lot of dinner with his brother’s pork belly and falls asleep for ‘Taebaeksan’ tomorrow.

2021, 12, 29

This year is also half a year remaining

As the title suggests, the second half is likely to be a raging day.

Or rather, it’s all about Yurika -chan

First of all, the concert of the new year.

I’m in Tokyo again, so I want to start adjusting the schedule and planning expeditions from now on.

And Casinolo wires from March.

It is a project I want to go to the limit

So I have to save money, and I can’t afford to see 핸드폰카지노 other groups …

It’s going to be a day while feeling the urgency that there is only now …

I’m sorry, but now I don’t just think about the future, I will go with the spirit of enjoying the present.

And the day after tomorrow, it’s over the screen, but I can meet Cobra and Caprico Choza.

Thanks again for meeting O (. ・ ‧ ・。) o ♡ ︎ ♡ ︎

I will do my best today as well 😊

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