“On the day my grandfather died, my husband goes to a casino. ]

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My grandfather died

Her mother called me.

“I want to reach the end at home.”

There is a wish of my grandfather

It seems that he left while surrounded by his family.

Until a few months ago, I was still fine. . .

I’m thoroughly thin

I can’t walk and I can’t eat food

I was weak.

I was prepared to be long anymore

I didn’t think 바카라 it was so fast.

I thought I could meet again.

I wanted to show my grandchildren and show my grandchildren.

In the last TV phone

I’m breathing painfully

He called my name many times.

A grandfather who fulfilled a number of feats and contributed to the city.

I am proud.

Uncle who was old but worked all the time

Take a rest in heaven.

Today, there was such an obituary

If you tell your husband immediately

“I’ll come back soon, do you need something?”

I seemed to be worried about me.

He took me out for a distribution

Because it comes to the lift (like Uber Drive)

After about an hour, I and my son went home.


I won’t come back even at 10 o’clock at night

I had a strange feeling

The premonition is a hit

I went to the casino.

I have a grandfather

Even though I feel depressed

How far can I drop me?

I recommended therapy and counseling

I’m not addictive

“Gambling is just a hobby.

It is said that it is coming.

Unless you are willing to cure yourself

Counseling will not go.

I am not stable

My heart is nervous like palpitations and it is hard to breathe

Confinement in a 3 -year -old son and a small hotel room

Only bathrooms can be alone.

Some people consult

There is no partner to talk to

This is the only place to vomit.

I want to disappear

I have been crying all the time

I don’t know what to do anymore.


It is a business trip purchase.

Recently, home drinking demand is growing due to the influence of the corona.

It seems that more people want to drink alcohol with a little good glass

You can use the 100 -uniform glass without hesitation,

Isn’t the wine you drink in a higher -grade glass is exceptional?

I’m a beer party, so it’s a 100 -level mug, but …

・ Baccarat

・ Moselle

・ Larrick

・ Iittala

・ Saint Louis

・ Bohemia glass

・ Redel

・ Hermes

・ Tiffany


I was collecting, but there are things that I don’t use …

I got it as a gift, but I didn’t drink wine …

If you have such an item,

By all means, please contact us until you

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